Tuesday, September 22, 2009

OAHU: Day one (September 14)

Today was our first full day on Oahu, and it was definitely a full one. We were up at 6am and out the door by 6:30am.

Our first Oahu shows were at Friendship Christian School, a tiny elementary school near Pearl City. I say shows plural because we had two of them at the same location, which was AWESOME because we only had to build up and take down the set once instead of twice.

This was the School:

This was our Set Up in the school:

The kids were adorable. They had matching blue and red school uniforms (even their socks had matching embroidered initials of the School). - I got into some face-making competitions with some precocious girls. Both shows went well, and were really well received by both the students and the staff. There was always at least one kid waving at us at all times from the moment we were there till the moment we left.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "My favorite part was the girl! Yeah the boy! Yeah he was funny. She had nice lips!" - eavesdropped from a brief post-show discussion of one of the kindergarten classes at St. Michaels. So, apparently my little boy character is a he/she, and five-year-olds think I have nice lips...

We were done with our second performance and packed up by 11:30. We went home, and all crashed for a while. The house we are staying at is Beautiful!!! It's a vacation rental in Kaneohe, the East, very green part of the island.

The Living Room

The Entry Way
(totally awesome that there are boards for us to use)

The Kitchen

Kai's Room (Daryl's is about the same)

My Room

My Walk in Closet
(I also have my own bathroom, and my own TV. Not bad, eh?)

After some napping and some lunch, we drove up the North shore of Oahu along Kamehameha Highway. It was a gorgeous drive! Until this drive, I always considered Oahu as a city on a rock with a beach, no more special than LA or Miami. Now that I’ve seen Oahu’s more rural side, I really appreciate Oahu’s natural beauty.

After about an hour of driving, we stopped at the famous Sunset beach to go swimming, (this is the number one Hawaii beach for super modeling) but we couldn't go in. Signs were up saying the rip tide was too strong for swimming. Very sad.

Daryl and Kai looking sad because we aren't allowed to go in the water

So, we went to Pipeline instead! Pipeline has some of the most famous waves in the world. This is the way Pipeline's waves look when they are going off in the winter.

In retrospect, Pipeline was propably a much more dangerous place to swim. Daryl and Kai braved the waves, I, on the otherhand preferred to stand on the shoreline and watch the huge waves crash right in front of me. Some surfers were out and about, as well as some sweet sponge borders (boogie bording w/ fins) We, however, weren’t so active. We slept.

Here's Daryl and Kai napping

Here's my view of the beautiful waves.

After the beach, we continued the drive up the Northshore to Haleiwa, a small plantation town on Oahu’s Northshore infamous for it’s ono Shave Ice (ono means delicious in Hawaiian). We got some SHAVE ICE from AOKI's. I’ve had a lot of shave ice in my time, but I think this was the BEST shave ice I've ever had. Ice cream, azuki beans, and pina-colada, strawberry, and cream soda syrups. MMMMMMMmmmmm!

On the way home, we went to Costco - where we spent lots of money on these groceries.

We were supposed to also stop at Foodland (a grocery store) for some protein, condiments, and beer (always a good combo) but we were so tired by then, that we didn't want to leave the house. So we made our pizza, ate our pizza, went over a few more tour logistics, and went to bed. Another early morning tomorrow. Whew!

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