Sunday, October 4, 2009

OAHU: Day Five (September 18)

Today we went to two schools, which felt pretty short for the three school big day we had yesterday. After a week of this, I think I’m finally getting used to the routine of it; waking up early and performing this show multiple times is becoming more normal of a thing. I haven’t talked about the load in and load out process of our show on this blog yet. Let me explain:

This is our equipment

We have nine pieces of of equipment and set that we carry around with us on every show. (The picture only has seven pieces of equipment because the other two pieces we only use when we have to use full audio and are using microphones) Some of them are wrapped in BRIGHT green carrying cases. (Such a fun, off-beat color, isn’t it?) These pieces fit into our van, and then we load them in and out of every space that we perform. So if it’s three shows, then we load it in and out of the van 3 times – 6 moving processes total (three load in’s, three load outs). Some pieces, such as the big blue bins where we keep our puppets, are pretty light. Others, such as the rectangular pieces wrapped in BRIGHT green are around 40-60 pounds.

Once the set is in the theater, we build it. Then we perform on it, then we break it down, load it back into the car, and the cycle restarts for our next show. So far building and breaking down the set is the part of the tour that I least enjoy because it can be really tiring and repetitive. I shall have to keep thinking of ways to keep it new… if you have any suggestions, let me know.

Our first school was at Kapolei Elementary for 90 kindergarteners.

In between the shows, we went to Pearlridge Mall which was nostalgic because I hadn’t been there since I was 12. (The boys sat at starbucks while I shopped a little).

Our second show was at Manana Elementary School for 165 kids grades k,3, and 4th

Both shows were fun and had pretty good energy – public school kids are just so much more energetic to perform too. They are less likely to “be polite” and unsure of how to respond.

At Manana Elementary, Kai gave a mentally disabled kid hanging around after the show with his helper a one on one puppet show for a little bit

Spending the weekend on Oahu was a lot of fun. It fantastic to have a few show free days after such a busy week. I certainly made use of the time. Pictures from the weekend:

Bachelorette Party fun on Friday night for a friend of mine from high school

On Saturday, some cute Navy boys invited some of the bachelorette party girls to their sweet beach house to BBQ and hang out. This was their backyard. The beach was about 10 feet beyond the hedge. The inside of the house was really nice too.

On Sunday, my new awesome friend Michelle and I went on a mountain ridge hike

Just one of the amazing views on the hike

It's good to be on Oahu ;-)

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